My name is Pamela Senior McClary, I am  an Independent Insurance Broker and Founder of Seniors Medicare Solutions LLC.

My decision to start this company was because  my  mother, Joyce C. Daniels Senior was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer  in 2006. Unfortunately, she had two insurance policies and she let one lapse without saying anything to anyone. What caused further financial hardship was that she only had Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), but not Medicare Advantage (Part C) nor Medicaid (state disability). Due to that everything from medicine, prescriptions, and chemo visits  had to paid out of pocket. I did what any daughter would do for their parent. I refinanced my home to help her with medicine and eventually the rest of her funeral expenses. From that day forward I promised myself that I would not allow anyone else to have to go through that experience. I am committed to educating as many people as possible on the importance of attaining the proper Health and Life Insurance coverage .

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